Remembering September 11th Through Prayer

by Katie McGraw on September 3, 2013 at 8:52 am

Next Wednesday, September 11th, will mark the 12th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack America has ever seen.

Following the incidents in 2001, people across the nation began to pray together. This in turn started an organization dedicated to remembering the lives lost from the terrorist attacks.

"Cry Out America, it’s actually stemmed from our first terrorist attack in 2001, because millions of people all across the nation began praying, because it was such a horrendous thing,” Muskingum County Coordinator for Cry Out America Prayer Gathering, Amy Moore said. “Ever since then, this organization has been calling the nation to prayer, to remember 9/11, and so it has been an on-going thing since then."

This Sunday, September 8th from 2 to 3 pm, on the steps of the Muskingum County Courthouse, Cry Out America’s local branch, will be hosting an event to pray for the nation, not only for 9/11, but also for the struggles the nation has faced since then.

"We have gone through Benghazi and we have gone through the Boston Marathon Bomb, so we just feel like it is time for our nation to come together in prayer and to pray for this great nation, to restore our principles and to redeem our future and to remember those who are fighting for our country," said Moore.

The prayer service will feature 12 speakers, from police to a pastor to the three county commissioners, reflecting on different topics. The event is open to the public but bring your own lawn-chair so you can be comfortable.