Residents Enjoying the Warm Weather

by Katie McGraw on September 14, 2013 at 4:26 am

People all over the area were taking advantage of the sunny and warm weather and WHIZ’s Katie McGraw talked to a few of those people this afternoon to see what they had in store for the beautiful day.

Fifty Two. It’s the number of days until the calendar date of June Twenty First. which happens to be the first day of summer. But, Mother Nature could have fooled the residents of Muskingum County, who were soaking up every ray of sunshine.

“Love it,” said Lisa Mitchell. Mitchell was walking with Mallory Gardner and her son Hudson, at Zane Landing Park. “It’s beautiful.”

“We love being out. We try to walk, we walk quite often anyway, but this really helps,” Mitchell said.

“Well I push mowed my lawn for two hours, I am going to go ride my bike after I am done reading,” said Susan Whitacre while she read at Dillon State Park.

Biker at Zane Landing Park, Bill Wurzpach said, "I am going to go ride my bike through Riverside Park, in and around maybe downtown, I’m a beginner, so I am going to see if I have got enough guts to go on the y-bridge on it. "

With summer like temperatures Monday into the middle and upper 70’s, everyone at Dillon State Park was enjoying the great weather. Whether they were playing tennis, walking their dogs, or playing with their children. And the good news is, it’s going to be continuing for the rest of the week.

“Oh, it’s wonderful,” said Whitacre. “Such a blessing to be out here enjoying it and so thankful the sunshine and for the last two days of rain because I came from a farm family and I know how important that is.”

For two college girls, the nice weather meant a break from the midst of studying for finals. When asked if it was hard to study because it was so nice out, Lundy Lowry and Megan Short both said yes.

“Because you don’t want to stay inside and study,” Lowry said.

And so the promise of similar weather tomorrow for these students was an added bonus

Lowry said, "Yeah, that’s great! Because tomorrow is our last day so we should be studying right now but we are out, so that answered your question.

“It’s too nice to study,” added Short.

From Zane Landing Park, Dillon State Park and Kidzville; for WHIZ News, I’m Katie McGraw.