George Hiotis

Saving Money At Noble County Prison

by George Hiotis on September 30, 2013 at 12:53 pm

A Noble County Prison and the State E-P-A have launched a composting program to keep more than 600 tons of prison food waste out of the landfill.  The system at the Noble Correctional Facility will reduce 676 tons of annual food waste to about 20 tons of compost for prison landscaping and gardening.  It’s expected to save the prison about $60,000 a year in transportation and landfill fees.  The Ohio EPA provided a $175,000 grant for machines that reduce the waste to compost over eight weeks.  The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, which kicked in $30,000, says the state spends around $1.4 million a year disposing of about 14,000 tons of prison food waste.