Seniors Learn About Safety

by Mackenzie Stasko on September 18, 2013 at 6:43 am

The Local Senior Safety Day was held at the Muskingum County Center for Seniors Wednesday morning and law enforcement officials and EMS personnel from all over participated to help give seniors the best advice for staying safe in their home and while driving.

"It’s a function here that we have. This is our second year and it’s very important to us to make sure that our seniors in our community are safe," said Executive Director Terry Dunn. "This is not only driving safe, but it is scam, drug, getting them to be able to talk to the state highway patrol, the Muskingum County Sheriff and the Zanesville Police Department."

AAA was also a partner at Wednesday’s event, passing out information regarding insurance and answering questions.

"AAA’s theme or it’s promotion that we like to do is that we want to keep people driving safer for a longer period of time," said Manager of Adult Traffic Safety, Mary Lou Gallimore. "And we know it’s hard when you get older and try to drive and things and we try to bring out things that we can do to make them safer drivers."

Dunn said he hopes to keep Local Senior Safety Day a yearly event.