Starlight Academy Receives a Makeover

by Courtney Wheaton on September 14, 2013 at 11:59 am

A local organization is working to beautify Muskingum County one project at a time.

The Muskingum Valley Garden Society woke up early Saturday morning and came out to Starlight Academy to improve its landscape. Timber Run gardens donated all of the plants for the building, while the group’s members put them into the ground.

"Starlight has been a staple in our community servicing many for years, and we are happy to be here to help out and volunteer, " Muskingum Valley Garden Society President, Beth Brown.

The plants were strategically selected to thrive during this time of year.

"You can see it’s morning shade so there are some ferns, hostas, some hibiscus, " said Brown.

The garden society is also looking forward to their upcoming project on Fifth Street. Now that there is an irrigation system in place downtown, the group will put in 36 permanent planters along the street, to enhance appearances. For more information on this project or to become a member you can visit the organization’s website at