Upcoming Auditions for Local Holiday Play

by Courtney Wheaton on September 12, 2013 at 9:16 am

Auditions are taking place for a local production that aims to feed the hungry in Muskingum County.

The play "Once upon a Christmas" will serve as a fundraiser that will benefit Christ’s Table food pantry. The director of the play is looking for talented individuals to step up and audition for a variety of roles.

"Well we do want all the actors, dancers, singers, interpretive signers to come and audition," said Director, Shelly Burley. We have some main characters in the show and it is a story lined based show. "

Auditions will take place on September 18th and 19th at 6 p.m. at Secrest Auditorium. All interested talent should prepare a 3 minute monologue or song for their audition. Burley says she is confident that the city of Zanesville is filled with skilled performers.

"We have classical singers, we have opera singers, we have jazz singers, we have gospel singers," said Burley. We have so many things to offer in this, what some people may call small town, but it is great big at heart."

The play will take place on December 14th and general admission is $15 per person. If you are interested in being a sponsor of the show, or have any questions feel free to contact Secrest Auditorium at 740-454-6851.