Water Department Plans to Expand Coverage Area

by Courtney Wheaton on September 5, 2013 at 7:43 am

The Muskingum County Commissioners sat down with the Muskingum County Water Department to discuss ways to provide service to outlining areas.

Consulting Engineer , Morgan Coast says sparsely populated areas in the county such as Rix Mills and Cannelville are top priorities for the water department.

"A lot of those areas just don’t have a very good water quality and water supply. I know in the Route 555 area they have wells, but there is mine water in their wells and the quality is not that good. It’s red water if you will," said, Coast.

In order to bring water out to these areas the county must find a proper location and elevation to build a water tank and pump station. The commissioners are looking at grants and funding options for the project that could cost more than a million dollars.

" For example a half million gallon elevated water storage tank is about 1.1 to 1.2 million dollars. We are looking at a pump station probably at a neighborhood of $350,000. Water line extensions we’ve done in the past are about $100,000 a mile," said, Coast.

Coast says in order to cut cost the commissioners can look into providing domestic service for drinking water and hold off on providing fire service which provides enough water supply to protect families in case of fires.