Zanesville CIC’s Recent Projects

by Katie McGraw on September 11, 2013 at 6:28 am

The Zanesville Community Improvement Corporation met Wednesday afternoon at the Mayor’s Office to discuss the future of two properties in Zanesville.

The first is on 131 Market Street, it used to be a passenger depot back when trains were used heavily as transportation. Following the passing of a City Council ordinance, the historic building is now the CIC’s property.

"Rather than just bidding the property out and accepting whatever the highest bid would be, we are able to look at, certainly setting a minimum bid based on the money’s that are due on the building by the city,” said Stacy Clapper, Community Development Director. “And then also looking at what offer of price we would get and the highest and best use.”

Clapper says the CIC is more interested in seeing the building re-utilized and become a treasure in the downtown area rather than going to the highest bidder.

"Certainly any type of an activity that would complement the park area and that could be any type of a business that would utilize the park for outdoor activity, with the bike trail, those types of things, boating, restaurants. "

The second property discussed was, with the army reserves at 1510 Moxahala. The army wishes to purchase that building, but after the price went to a market rate, they were unable to complete the process of buying. Therefore, an extra year lease has been requested in order to do so.