Zanesville Man Awarded For His Work In The Community

by Mackenzie Stasko on September 16, 2013 at 9:39 am

The Sertoma Club, also known as "Service To Mankind," focuses on helping the hearing impaired and the community and on Monday night, the club awarded one man for doing just that.

"It’s a community recognition for someone that is an outstanding community citizen that does a lot to help out others," said Chairman of the Sertoman Club Award, Dee Dee Dodson. "It’s just giving of their time and experience; anything they can do to help out each other or help someone need."

The Club held a banquet for the recipient of the Service To Mankind Award, Chris Zemba, at Eaglesticks Golf Course. Zemba was nominated for his outstanding work in the community including his volunteer work at the Carr Center’s Cake Auction.

"It’s the people in your life that shape you who you are so I can’t say that I won this award individually," explained Zemba. "But it’s those people you have in your life growing up that shapes you, who you are, that really share the award with me."

Zemba also gives back to the community by coaching three football teams, trying to install integrity into the players and helping them grow into young men. He said he is honored to be on the list of recipients. The Sertoma Club also awarded Dave Mell the Sertoman of The Year Award.