Zanesville Police Department Receives a Special Delivery

by Courtney Wheaton on September 2, 2013 at 7:41 am

Olive Garden restaurants around the nation pay tribute to America’s workers with a free lunch delivery on Labor Day.

The Olive Garden in Zanesville was no exception. Every year they give away food to a public service organization of their choice.

"It makes us feel good that we can do something for our police department. I wish we could do more, but you know it’s nice to let them know they are appreciated for what they do and our services for us. This is just a little bit of what we can do in return for them, " said server and cook, Joel Syckes.

The lunch was filled with some of Olive Garden’s most popular meals on the menu.

"We have lasagna, some strawberry cheesecakes which are really tasty, and we have a bunch of breadsticks and the notorious salad of course, " said server, Thomas Norris.

The officers at the department say they are thankful for Olive Garden’s gesture and it’s nice to be recognized for their contributions to the Zanesville community.