A Boston Couple’s Ice Cream Adventure

by Courtney Wheaton on October 13, 2013 at 2:45 am

A Boston couple suffering from empty nest syndrome found a fun way to spend their free time… And it ended in Zanesville.

Mark and Leisha Simon decided two years ago to embark on an "alphabet ice cream journey", A goofy game where they travel to different cities that start with every letter of the alphabet, sampling different ice cream shops as they go.  Their journey ended right here in town with letter "Z".

"For anybody who hasn’t seen Tom’s before or been to Tom’s before, it’s just such a charming place, and it’s a dream come true to end it on this note," said Ohio native and ice cream journeyman, Mark Simon.

Zanesville was one of the furthest locations on their journey, that was primarily done in the New England area. Places they have visited include Salem, where they conducted the famous witch trials and other small towns full of interesting history.

"There was a little town called Templeton that we went to. It’s a little trivia thing, but we talked to this woman who was telling us stories about Daniel Webster and how he came through town in the 18th century, " said Simon

To go along with their theme, the couple also listens to music that starts with the letter of the city that they are in. Saturday’s musical selection included ZZ Top and Zappa. For more information about the couple you can check out their blog at alphabeticecream.blogspot.com. The Simons encourage other baby boomers to find an activity and stick to it.