A Night at the Races

by Katie McGraw on October 9, 2013 at 6:32 am

A local foundation is holding a fundraiser next month and you can bet "A Night at the Races" will be a good time.

The Fieldhouse Foundation is the host and benefactor for the event. The foundation helps children ages 3 to 21 who struggle with physical disabilities. The money will go towards equipment and payment for the trainers.

"You will bet on each race and then the winners will naturally be paid cash,” said Director of Fieldhouse Foundation, Sheryl Hartman. “There will be a live auction race for the 11th race, we will also be having auction items at the end of the evening, with a DJ with music throughout the evening."

Not only can you bet on a horse, but you can also pay five extra dollars, to be a part of the program as an owner of a horse or a jockey.

"We hope to sell 200 hundred tickets and there are 10 horses per race, so we can have up to 100 owners and 100 jockeys."

Tickets for A Night at the Races are 25 dollars and are available at the Fieldhouse or you can contact Hartman at 740-624-0799 or by email at hartmansheryl@yahoo.com. The event will be at the newly opened event center at 166 Sunrise Center Drive and for parents of young children, there will be free baby-sitting as well. The doors open at 6 and the first races call is at 7 p.m.