A Safe Way to Dispose of Unwanted Drugs

by Courtney Wheaton on October 21, 2013 at 1:18 am

Any unused or expired medication can safely be disposed of at the National Drug Take Back Day coming up next week.

Riesbeck’s of Zanesville has partnered with Cardinal Health and local law officials to host the DEA’s Drug Take Back Day in our area.

"We want them to be taken off of the street legally and carefully," said Riesbeck’s Event and Digital Marketing Coordinator, Jane Dombroski. o questions asked, folks can bring in their drugs, they can drop them off here, they can walk away and know that they are being handled safely. "

Dombroski says that disposing of drugs illegally can have negative affects on the community and can be dangerous for children.

"We don’t want the community dumping their drugs say down the toilet," said Dombroski. Perhaps they won’t all get flushed, and well have a little one reaching down in there."

The take back will take place on Saturday, October 26th at both Riesbeck’s locations in Zanesville near the Pharmacies. Aerosol inhalants and needles will not be accepted at this particular drug take back day.