Anti-Bullying Fundraiser at Fabulous Cuts

by Courtney Wheaton on October 14, 2013 at 12:37 pm

The stylists at Fabulous Cuts and Styles on Maple Avenue cut and styled hair for a good cause on Sunday.

In partnership with Cornerstone South Family Life Church’s youth group of McConnelsville, the salon hosted a cut-a-thon to stop bullying in the area.

"People get made fun of because of their weight, you know all different kinds of things they get made fun of, they way they look , the way they talk and you know not having the money and not dressing the way other kids dress," said youth leader, Tim Ford.

At the event, visitor’s received hair cuts, styles and waxing for $5 a piece, and the proceeds went towards a special anonymous comment box that students can use in school to report bullying incidents to authorities.

"The ski boxes, State Rep, Marlene Anieleski came down to the middle school in Morgan County and did a presentation on ski boxes and that’s what we are trying to get done is get these boxes into the schools, " said Ford.

To raise more money, the group also sold t-shirts with an anti- bullying logo. For more information or to donate to the cut bullying campaign you can give the church a call at 1-740-962-3542.