Celebrating 90 Years of Life

by Katie McGraw on October 30, 2013 at 6:41 am

Evergreen Retirement Village in New Concord honored some of its oldest residents Wednesday afternoon with a special party.

The eight "Youngsters of Evergreen" all were born between 1916 to 1922, making them all at least ninety-one years old and a few of them shed some light on how to access the fountain of youth.

"You have to enjoy life and you have to enjoy what you do and I’ve really done that,” said oldest resident, 97-year-old, Tom Johnson. “It’s been a good life. It’s really been a good life."

"Live it to the fullest,” sais 96-year-old, Rhea Geiger. “I love any kind sports, I love to read, I play cards constantly and a lot of loving in my family."

"I think it is partially my genes, my family, just living a good clean life,” said Julia Kipp, a 93-year-old resident. “Minding my own business, so to speak."

All of the honored guests were complimentary of Evergreen and really enjoyed the festivities Wednesday. They were joined by others who live in the community while they snacked on several homemade items such as chicken noodle soup, sugar cookies and peanut butter plus various sandwiches.