Defense Rests, Dixon Chooses Not To Testify

by Mackenzie Stasko on October 15, 2013 at 8:51 am

After calling only two witnesses to the stand, the defense in the LaFonse Dixon aggravated murder trial rested its case in Muskingum County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday.

The prosecution rested its case just after 10:30 a.m. The defense then brought in an EMT who arrived on scene and treated Celeste Fronsman the day she was found burned alive in Muskingum County. Defense attorney Isabella Dixon asked EMT Angela Wortman if Fronsman was able to tell her her name. Wortman said "no." Dixon then asked Wortman if Fronsman was able to tell her who did this to her.

"Defense: Was she able to tell you who did it to her? Wortman: Yes. Defense: And how many names did she say? Wortman: One. Defense: And what name was that? Wortman: She said KC Culberson."

During cross examination, assistant prosecutor Ron Welch asked Wortman to describe Fronsman’s injuries. She said the injuries to Fronsman’s chest stood out to her the most and described them as "very thick leather." Welch also asked Wortman what her main focus was while treating Fronsman.

"Welch: During the time that you were there, is your focus on treating the victim 100%? Wortman: Yes. Welch: With regard to what she’s (Fronsman) saying, is that something that you’re as focused on as you are her treatment? Wortman: No."

Dixon is charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping and aggravated arson in the death of Fronsman, who was found burned alive, strangled and beaten on Aug. 26, 2012. If convicted, Dixon could face the death penalty. Codefendants Katrina Culberson and Monica Washington have pleaded guilty to all three charges. As part of their plea deal, Culberson and Washington will not get the death penalty, but instead, life in prison. Closing arguments will start Wednesday at 9 a.m.