Delinquent Fines Will Be Sent To Collections

by Mackenzie Stasko on October 28, 2013 at 10:00 am

On Monday, Zanesville City Council passed an ordinance that allows the city to now turn over delinquent fines to Pioneer Credit Recovery. Municipal Judge Bill Joseph said collecting fines is time consuming and the switch will allow city employees to work on other things. The new agreement won’t cost the city a dime, but the delinquent payer will have an extra $30 tacked onto their fine.

"The city gets 100% of what they owe the city. There’s an additional collection fee that’s added on that provides a fee to the collection agency. And that’s why we don’t intend to turn any over as long as people are paying, we don’t want them to have to pay an additional collection fee," said Judge Joseph. "It’ll only be those people who are default in payments that will then get assessed that extra collection fee."

If you have fines, but are on a payment plan with the city, or are completing community service in lieu of payment, the new agreement will not affect you.

"It’s a big problem for two reasons; some people just, with the economy the way it is, some people just can’t afford to pay a lot extra towards fines. And we understand that and that’s why we allow either a payment plan, or community service. They can work it off by working at local non-profit agencies. And they can work the fine off that way."

If you have a fine and would like to opt for community service instead, you should contact the Zanesville Municipal Court at 740-454-3269.