Nichole Hannahs

Economic Event Draws Attention to Area

by Nichole Hannahs on October 25, 2013 at 6:49 am

Area business owners got a look at the economics of Muskingum County from two different fields Friday.

Larry Wickstrom the President of Wickstrom Geoscience spoke about the Oil and Gas Industry and it’s part in developing Muskingum County. While wells are being drilled in the eastern part of the state, Muskingum businesses have a chance to carve out their own niche, by providing support services.

"You have a lot of industries that can feed into the oil and gas industry be it hauling stone or just a trucking industry or providing uniforms to the workers on the rigs," said Wickstrom. "There are all sorts of niche opportunities people can develop."

Wickstrom said at this time there are some unknowns as to how much drilling will be done, where the piping for projects will locate and the economic limit to the play. Also, speaking at the event was Fanatics Human Resource Officer. The billion dollar distribution business employs 1,000 people from the area and there’s room for growth.

"I see us adding some additional facilities certainly we’re evaluating our current facility and looking at adding some capacity there as well so things tend to change and grow very quickly in our market and our business and so I expect us to continue see that," said Kyle Killian director of human resources for Fanatics.

Those at the event also got a look at a new video produced for Muskingum County. The video will be used as tool to bring in business to the area.