Evidence Where Fronsman Was Burned Shown In Court On Thursday

by Mackenzie Stasko on October 10, 2013 at 7:53 am

It’s three days into the trial of LaFonse Dixon, the man accused of helping murder 29-year-old Celeste Fronsman, the Canton woman found burned alive in Muskingum County. Over 10 witnesses have already taken the stand, with six of them testifying on Tuesday. The first to testify was Howard Cammon. He told the jury Dixon, Katrina Culberson and a friend of theirs were searching for Fronsman prior to her death.

"They come through the house looking you know in my bedroom, in my closet trying to find Celeste," explained Cammon. "And I told them she’s not here. You know I don’t have to lie to you in my own house. And I told them to get out!"

Cammon said he didn’t fully understand why they were looking for her and said if he knew, he would have done more.

"If I knew that this was gonna be the end of Celeste, then maybe I coulda did something different. But my mind didn’t click that deep. So I didn’t even realize she was gonna hurt my friend."

After explaining to the jury that Culberson stole his Chevy Tahoe and took it down to Muskingum County, Ralph Horne said Dixon was there when she brought the car back later that morning.

Prosecutor Mike Haddox: "Tell me what happened when they arrived in your vehicle."
Horne: "They all got out the truck came in the house. Katrina told me to go outside and clean the truck. And I went outside, opened the door and I seen that there was a smudge on the back seat and I looked across the way and the door handle was broken."

The prosecution then reviewed numerous pieces of evidence with Muskingum County Detective Craig Knox, who responded to the crime scene.

Assistant Prosecutor Ron Welch: "Do you recognize that item?
Knox: "The item was received in that office by Deputy Hartgraves and it is the item that he documented as the piece of tie-down strap containing blood, clothing material and hair that found upon the victim."

The last witness of the day was Bob Moledor, an expert in cellular analysis from Columbus. After the murder, he tracked Dixon’s cell phone the day Fronsman was murdered and said in the early morning hours of August 26th 2012, his phone started moving south towards Muskingum County.

"First incoming phone call occurs at 3:52 a.m., the second inbound call occurs at 3:53 a.m. So we know that the phone has now moved from this area up here in Canton down to this area that’s being covered somewhere between this tower and this tower. So it’s in an arc like this. That would be consistent with traveling down I-77," said Moledor.

Katrina Culberson and Monica Washinton, both of Canton, have pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, kidnapping and aggravated arson. The trial is expected to last about two weeks.