Girl Scouts Help Soldiers

by Katie McGraw on October 8, 2013 at 6:50 am

Two Girl Scout Cadet Troops teamed up with Operation Spirit to provide stockings for soldiers at home and abroad for the holidays.

Troop 183 Leader Abby Corder says her cadet troops and the 159 troops, decided to use their funds not for themselves, but for a good cause and help those who are fighting for our country.

"We used our troop money profits from the cookie sales and things to purchase 1000 lip balms and 1000 mini hand creams that are in patriotic tubes for the care packages and those are things the soldiers don’t get lot of but they do need," Corder said.

Corder works for Avon, so it was easy for her to acquire such a large quantity and at a good price. About 300 of the stockings are being sent to a navy ship, where Corder’s cousin is deployed and the other 700 will be sent elsewhere across the world.

"We have to send them out quite a bit a head of the holidays because it takes so long to get to the various places around the world and with customs and things like that. We are going to send them out probably around the middle to the end of October, so that they get them in plenty of time to enjoy then for the holidays."

The cost of shipping is high and Operation Spirit is always sending troops care packages and if you would like to donate you can visit their website at or call for more information at 740-453-6777.