Gun Fest Leftovers Head to Chirst’s Table

by Katie McGraw on October 9, 2013 at 6:30 am

This past weekend was the Y-City Gun Fest at the fairgrounds, which is a gun raffle featuring fun, entertainment, a casino and plenty of food.

In fact, this year there was a little too much food at the fest, and the organizers decided to donate the extra food to Christ’s Table.

"It’s tough to tell how many sales you are going to have that week, so we prepared for over 2000, but we had more than that, so we kind of doubled up on some stuff so to be safe,” said Co-Chairman of the Y-City Gun Fest, Joe Nash. “And we wanted to give to an organization that was worthy of it."

Nash says they donated soups, hot dog and hamburger buns and one other item that the Executive Director of Christ’s Table Keely Warden says is perfect.

"Decided we were going to make a Mexican casserole with rice and tomatoes and the little bit of nachos we had,” said Warden. “Blue Rock State Park, yesterday dropped off some cheese sauce and we thought ‘yay! Now we can put that with our bean dip!’ And then we are going to have to go out and buy some nachos and when I looked at this truck today, I couldn’t believe it was full of nachos.”

“Twenty cases,” added Joe Nash.

“Yeah, twenty cases of nachos,” Warden agreed. “So when I say God has a plan, God has a plan."

Christ’s Table is open everyday but Sunday for lunch at 11 to 1 p.m.