Leaf Collection has Begun!

by Katie McGraw on October 29, 2013 at 7:27 am

It’s the time of year when the City of Zanesville begins leaf collection.

It started Monday for wards five and six and the trucks will stay there until the first of the month. Then during November 4th through the 8th, it will transition to wards 3 and 4 and continue moving throughout the wards until mid December.

"Then we will move November twelfth and thirteenth between wards 1 and 2,” said Public Service Director, Mike Sims. “Into 3 and 4, 18 through the 22, back to five and six, and then we will rotate again, through 1 and 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 up until December 9th."

Then from December 9th until the 13th, the city will schedule a final clean up of all of the wards during that time. If you do not know what ward you live in, you can check on the city’s website at www.coz.org.

"Basically wards five and six are north of the interstate, four is part way north and then to the south, and everything else is south of the interstate, to the southern line,” explained Sims. Ward 1 is the downtown and the east side area.”

The following schedule will reflect daily work areas, weather permitting.

  • October 28- November 1-Wards 5 and 6
  • November 4-8-Wards 3 and 4
  • November 12-13-Wards 1 and 2
  • November 14-15-Wards 3 and 4
  • November 18-22-Wards 5 and 6
  • November 25-26-Wards 1 and 2
  • November 27, December 2-3-Wards 3 and 4
  • December 4-6-Wards 5 and 6
  • December 9-13-All Wards.

Also, a ward map can be found by clicking "Ward Map" under Related Documents.

For more information call:

  • Streets and Sanitation at (740) 455-0615