Library Plans Next Year’s Budget

by Katie McGraw on October 9, 2013 at 6:21 am

The staff at the John McIntire Library will be hard at work for the next few days as they prepare the budget for 2014.

Assistant Director of John McIntire Library, Blair Tom says they are taking a different approach than previous years. Typically, they would start with what was spent last year, but this year they are starting with community priorities and how the library can achieve those.

"In the past we would start with department kinds of submissions,” said Tom. “Now we are looking at outcomes and what time treasure and talent, are required to make that happen. In the end, the discussion previously was, well what will we need to cut and now the discussion is more, what will we keep."

Tom says it is not as much about new money or more money but it is about reallocating resources instead and how to reach a balance.

"We have just received submissions from our departments and it goes to the board in November and we hope to have approval by December, at least of course a temporary budget. So very focused in the next number of weeks on looking at partnerships, proposals, outcomes, and then what kind of money is required to make that happen."

Tom says some of the changes will be seamless but much of it will be a noticeable difference in the level of service and access.