Library System Reviews Online Database

by Courtney Wheaton on October 28, 2013 at 6:56 am

The Muskingum County Library System selected a special panel of researchers to review its electronic web site just in time for annual budgeting.

Four community members were asked to rate the library’s online databases on a scale from one to five. The researchers evaluated the ease of access, value of information and availability of resources on the virtual library and gave their suggestions.

"One of the comments we heard again and again is it’s great resource, but people aren’t aware of it," said John McIntire Library Assistant Director, Blair Tom. We got some input regarding how they could be placed on our webpage to make them more accessible and help people be more aware. "

Tom says that each member or the panel was chosen for their specialized expertise in order for the library to get a well rounded response.

"That was made up of a teacher, a school librarian, a member of the incubator staff, and an individual that does distance learning education, so we had many different perspectives," said Tom.

After receiving feedback from panel members the library system has decided to forgo resources provided by other agencies and add a few new links to their page including more educational tools and a possible page that will list the prices of antiques in the area.