by Katie McGraw on October 15, 2013 at 8:58 am

A survivor and supporter of breast cancer is inviting the community to help raise money for an area physician.

Cindy Hairston is no stranger to the disease that The American Cancer Society says will take the life of 40,000 women this year

"It’s really a unique story, that is why I brought my daughter and my mother,” said Hairston. “The night that I was giving birth to her, mother was in the next unit, get breast cancer biopsy. So she was brought into the earth, she was given a biopsy that day, and then in ’08 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Hairston’s husband then tragically passed away from bone cancer in 2009 and she was left alone with children, bills and health concerns. Therefore, once she got through that battle, she decided she wanted to help other people fighting the disease and started the Mammojam three years ago. The proceeds will go to OSU breast cancer physician Doreen Agnese.

“She has different programs and foundations that she helps women pay their electric bill when they are suffering with breast cancer, men and women, help buy wigs, make up, prosthetic, anything. She has several different programs that she works with so that’s where the money is going this year.”

Mammojam will feature a homemade chicken pot pie dinner, blues bands and raffles this Saturday at the Disabled American Veterans on Moxahala Avenue at 2 p.m.