New Software Benefits Local Emergency Responders

by Courtney Wheaton on October 21, 2013 at 6:28 am

Genesis Healthcare Systems and Genesis Community Ambulance provided funding for a new software that assists crews on the scene.

Emergency responders throughout the county now have access to " EMSAC" or the Emergency Medical Service Advisory Council’s book of medical protocol in a computer friendly PDF format.

"This software will load on any tablet or any computer or even any iPhone or similar device so that any medic or EMT in the field can with a tablet be able to pull up any element of our protocol," said EMSAC Director, Dr. Charles Feicht.

The program allows users to take notes and update information more frequently, it also remembers important calculations to provide the best service to local patients.

"Say a medic responded to a cardiac arrest or some medical emergency, they can enter the patients weight one time and then any drug they administer from that point forward is all automatically calculated, " said Dr. Feicht.

The medical protocol provided on the software has been reviewed by area trauma, cardiac and stroke specialists. The service is available to volunteer EMS and Genesis Community Ambulance personnel throughout the county.