Oil Spill at Maple Avenue Speedway

by Katie McGraw on October 21, 2013 at 6:26 am

A fuel spill at the Maple Avenue Speedway created traffic congestion for several hours Monday. It happened around 10 a.m.

Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency Deputy Director, Jeff Jadwin said a Speedway customer was pumping diesel fuel into his tow truck and walked away, when the nozzle fell out of the vehicle and started spraying diesel on the ground.

"We’ve got somewhere between 25-35 gallons of fuel on the ground, it got into the storm sewers, so that is where the main concern comes in,” said Jadwin. “We’ve got the Ohio EPA here and the spill clean up company along with Falls Township Fire Department."

Jadwin says the process to clean up was extensive and caused the north bound right lane to be closed on Maple Avenue.

"We put oil dry down, to try to soak up as much as we can, and then the storm sewers are going to have to put water and some kind of detergent to kind of break up the diesel fuel and then suck it out of the storm sewer."

Jadwin says the customer will be responsible for the hefty clean up bill because it is clearly marked on the pumps, if you cause a spill, you will be responsible and suggests no one leave the pump when you are fueling your vehicle.