Paws and Pigskins Fundraiser: A Success!

by Katie McGraw on October 15, 2013 at 8:55 am

The Animal Shelter Society’s largest fundraiser of the year is being deemed a success.

Executive Director, Jody Murray says it was a great evening with a generous community. The fundraiser on Saturday featured more than 100 items in a live auction and more than 200 items in a silent auction.

"We had a 50/50 drawing and the person who won the 50/50 drawing actually donated 500 dollars of that back, so those are the kinds of things that were happening,” Murray said. “People were just writing checks above and beyond what they were purchasing that evening, so it was a great evening."

Murray says they had enough food for 235 people and they were running out towards the end of the fundraiser. Numbers are still being counted but the annual fundraiser brought in 17 thousand dollars last year.

"We are still paying bills and were actually still getting donations and we actually had folks that evening just writing checks to us, just extra donations but right now we know we are up several thousand dollars over last year. So we are really happy with that."

Murray says there were about 50 new faces this year and that they are already planning next years event.