Nichole Hannahs

People of Interest but No Suspects

by Nichole Hannahs on October 2, 2013 at 6:28 am

Zanesville Police said their investigation into a weekend shooting is progressing.

It happened at Hoppys on Putnam Avenue in the early morning hours Sunday, injuring four people.

Wednesday, Chief Eric Lambes spoke about the investigation. He said detectives continue to interview those who were there or have knowledge of the event and now have several people they’re interested in, but no named suspects.

"It’s not the TV persona where we solve it in an hour on television. Sometimes these things take weeks to really get through the process and like victims of the crime we may not interview them for several days because their main concern is healing and getting the medical care that they need," explained Chief Lambes.

Chief Lambes said he expects all four victims to recover, but only time will tell.

As for Hoppys, Chief Lambes said they’ve received multiple complaints over the years about the establishment. Some of those include drinking in front of the building and loud music. He’s even paid officers overtime to address the violations. This week they’ll send a nuisance abatement letter to the owner.

"The law says we have to give them a warning letter, so they will get a new one. We have sent them in the past, but it was many years ago that it is no longer effective so it will be renewed. We’ll basically put them on notice that if there’s any further issues with that facility we’ll close them down," said Lambes.

A nuisance abatement can close the location for up to a year. Chief Lambes had also been in contact with the State of Ohio Liquor Board to investigate the possible sale of alcohol inside the building. Budget restrictions have kept the state from coming to Zanesville. His hope is that the shooting will lead to the state coming in and taking a look at possible violations.