Possible Redevelopment of Properties

by Katie McGraw on October 22, 2013 at 7:00 am

The Zanesville Muskingum County Port Authority is looking to possibly redevelop older properties in the city or county.

The project is still in the early phases. Right now the Port Authority is identifying key properties that have potential to be redeveloped but may have environmental contamination.

"We spent the majority of the meeting talking about whether or not we should apply for some Brownfield Assessment money,” said Executive Director of ZMCPA, Mike Jacoby. Either the state government or federal government, can provide some grant money to do testing of properties that may or may not have an environmental contamination. They are typically old industrial sites or buildings."

Brownfields are plots of land, that have been used before and may need extensive clean up, due to possible contamination. During the meeting, Port Authority Board Members decided to apply for grant money to do the testing, but at this point it is not site specific.

"We talked in executive session, about some properties that might make sense, we are really not ready to talk publicly about that yet because we have no idea if the property owners have any interest at this point and we don’t want to speculate some of these properties may be contaminated, when really they are not,” explained Jacoby. “So it would be unfair to those property owners, to suggest that their property is contaminated."

Jacoby says the Port Authority Board has not decided whether to apply for clean up money or not, until they investigate the potential properties and approach the owners.