Protecting Black Cats

by Katie McGraw on October 16, 2013 at 6:41 am

During the month of October, a certain type of cat will not be available for adoption at the Muskingum County Animal Shelter Society.

Executive Director Jody Murray said it is a national guideline for most shelters to not adopt out black cats during the month of Halloween as a safety precaution.

"Unfortunately, there has been a history of abuse of black cats during the month of October,” said Murray. “So most shelters like us, want to air on the side of safety so we don’t do black cat adoptions during the month of October."

Murray said it is to prevent placing a cat in a dangerous situation and that is the last thing the shelter would want. He also weighed in on the stigma associated with black cats.

"You know, actually I have a black cat and it was a stray that my daughter got and he is a great cat, we call him barn cat because he lives in the barn and he is a great cat and friendly cat, he just happens to be all black."

Murray says looking ahead to November, black cats will be adopted at a discounted price on various weekends.