Violence in Schools

by Katie McGraw on October 25, 2013 at 8:39 am

Ohio’s drug problem was not the only topic of discussion during the roundtable with Mike DeWine Friday.

Law enforcement and concerned citizens brought up issues such as violence in schools. School shootings are no longer a rarity in America and even in our local community, with the recent bomb threats at Maysville High School. DeWine said there is a direct correlation with violent school incidents and mental health problems.

“Because part of this plan, has to be how to identify someone in my school, who might have a mental health problem,” DeWine said. “What we have found in these tragedies, is that many times, a child was giving a lot of evidence, a teenager was giving evidence, that there was going to be a problem."

DeWine said his office provides training for educators to learn techniques on how to spot a child with mental disease and also how to handle an active shooter in your school.

"I think the most important thing, is for the schools to develop their school safety plan, but to work with local law enforcement, to work with the police, to work with the sheirff’s, and to work with the mental health people in the community."

DeWine’s best suggestion for keeping kids safe, is to have a school safety officer, who not only protects but also creates positive relationships between children and law enforcement.