A Day In The Life Of Your United Way Donation

by Mackenzie Stasko on November 19, 2013 at 7:04 am

On Tuesday, United Way of Muskingum, Perry and Morgan Counties Executive Director Meg Deedrick, spoke to the Noon Rotary Club of Zanesville about how the United Way is helping the community "24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year."

"We want to let them know that the funds they invest in us, we invest in others and they’re hard at work in our three county region 24/7, 365 a year so we’re just going to be giving some ideas of how they are at work at different times in the day with different programs," explained Deedrick.

This year’s campaign theme is titled, "A day in the life of your United Way contribution." Deedrick passed out a time table that explains how and where donation money is spent. Deedrick says campaign volunteers are working hard to bring in funds so the United Way can invest them right back into the community.

"We feel if we’re to make our community better, it’s going to take all of us and we’re not asking people to give more, we’re asking more people to give. But with that comes the responsibility of talking about what past investments have yielded and what outcomes are produced by that and we take that very seriously as well. So we’re gonna be doing that and then asking for continued investment."

You can donate to the United Way by going online to www.unitedwayofmpm.org or by calling 211.