Annual Boy Scout’s Turkey Shoot

by Courtney Wheaton on November 18, 2013 at 1:00 am

A local boy scout troop fired off some shots on Saturday in order to raise money for camp and other supplies.

Boy scouts and community members brought out their guns and shot at a variety of targets during the 5th annual Boy Scout Troop 137 Turkey Shoot.

"We sign up 15 shooters at a time," said Chapter Representative, Keith McCormick. "We have different patterns, we have slugs, lucky X, closest shot to the center of the X, and then pattern shot which is the most that has the shots in the target and then we count them and they have prizes. "

Prizes included hams, turkeys, candy and much more. Last year, the scouts raised nearly $1,000  for their troop and hope to do the same this year. Organizers say that a part of being a boy scout is learning how to be independent.

" A scout is thrifty. We are suppose to pay his own way, so this is good way for the boys to help raise the money themselves instead of depending on their mom or dad to do it. They are helping to pay their own way and gaining good values, " said McCormick.

The troops would like to thank Briar Rabbit Shooting Sports for letting them use their facilities free of charge.