Bromley Wins Division II State CC Race

by JT Raymond on November 2, 2013 at 6:27 am

Sheridan has had one of the best cross country seasons of anyone in the MVL and the area and today one of their own earned the ultimate prize. Senior Matt Bromley who has won the District and Regional Race capped off the trifecta winning the State Meet’s race today.

Bromley ran the race in a time of 16:04.58 which won the race by six seconds over his next closest contestant. With the win Bromley is a State Champion and his teammate Joey Palumbo who is just a sophmore finished 21 in the state with a time of 16:43.32.

As a team Sheridan finished ninth in the state with a team total of 1:25:49.74. The team title was won by Defiance with a time of 1:24:07.96.

On the girls side West Muskingum’s Lauren Paul finished 27th with a time of 27 19:31.00 and John Glenn’s Rhenna Wilson finished 31st with a time of 19:34.20.