Councilwoman Gildow Talks Next Term

by Katie McGraw on November 12, 2013 at 9:23 am

It has been one week since the general election and Councilwoman, Ann Gildow walked away with the most votes for one of the three Council- at -Large positions.

Gildow said she is thankful to be re-elected because during her first term, she was still becoming acquainted with how things are structured at city council and now will be able to accomplish more. This is especially true with the newly elected council at large members who she will now be working alongside.

"Particularly, Rob Sharrer, he’s very knowledge as far as community goes,” said Gildow. “He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Mr. Foreman is an educator in the area, he has a very good background. I think that they will bring some new energy."

Gildow said she believes council should approach city proceedings with a strategic government plan.

"Particularly, when it relates to infrastructure items, like water and sewer line improvement and replacement. A vision for the future of the downtown area and city wide. I think if we are operating on a plan, most of us can measure progress better and hope to accomplish more."

All three Council – at – Large members will now be republican but Gildow said party lines are not as important at the city level but is excited to work with elected officials with similar ideas to improve the city of Zanesville.