Decision Made Regarding Jesus Painting

by Courtney Wheaton on November 15, 2013 at 5:16 am

A meeting was held Thursday evening in regards to a picture of Jesus hanging at John Glenn High School.

The picture in question depicts a shepherd herding his flock. The painting was donated more than 40 years ago as a memorial for Margaret Barnett, a beloved teacher. After receiving a complaint from a student, the picture was called into question by the American Civil Liberties Union.

"You have one ..It’s just like one apple ruins the whole bushel type of thing. One person didn’t get their point of view across, which you’re in kind of an immature status just because you are in high school and you’re going to have the high school drama, " said 2006 John Glenn Graduate, Steven Ball.

The ACLU asked the district to remove the picture by November 15th or litigation would follow. After hearing responses from the community, local pastors, students and State Representative, Brian Hill, the school board made the decision to remove the picture from the office and give it to the Rix Mills Presbyterian Church. The same church that Margaret Barnett attended before passing. The frame will remain at the school as a reminder of her life.

"I’m a little bit disappointed, but it’s kind of what in mind I had expected, because it is a lot of money and you’re juggling a lot of education past present and future," said Ball.

Although the picture is no longer there physically, the school district believes that her legacy will live on for years to come. The frame will remain at the high school as a memory.