Elderly Woman Fights Intruder

by Erika Brooks on November 11, 2013 at 7:58 am

An elderly woman in Athens County is able to fend off an intruder who broke into her home in an attempt to rob her.

According to Athens County Sheriff Patrick Kelly around noon Monday deputies responded to an active robbery call at a Bessemer Road residence. 83-year-old, Rozella Brown said she heard her doorbell ring but did not answer or see who was at the door. A short time later Brown noticed a figure crawling across her kitchen floor moving towards her bedroom. Brown approached and saw a male in her room. She described the male as school aged wearing a gray jacket and blue jeans.

Brown began striking the individual with her cane, causing him to cover his face and flee to the living room where he took her wallet from her purse. Brown states about $100 in cash was taken but nothing else. Despite repeatedly hitting the individual she was never able to get a good look at the suspect’s face. She hit him with her cane all the way out the door while asking his name, he eventually responded with "Austin" and escaped out the backdoor, Brown was unsure of which direction he took off in. Deputies used a K-9 unit to try and get a track but were unable to. The incident remains under investigation.