Four Elected to the Veteran’s Hall of Fame

by Courtney Wheaton on November 11, 2013 at 8:40 am

Four local veterans were inducted into the Muskingum County Veteran’s Hall of Fame on Sunday.

The community, performers, veterans and state officials came out to Secrest Auditorium to congratulate John William "Buzz" Benson, Robert Forker, Russell Kuhn and Walter Offinger on their recent accomplishment. The men were chosen because of their dedication to our country and their community through service.

"It ranges from helping set up Bethesda Good Samaritan to being a scout leader, football coaches for little league. It’s a various range, but the veterans are giving to this community more than they realize, " said Veteran Council President, Bud Johnson.

While receiving their acceptance letters and awards many of the veterans were overwhelmed with emotions.

"The one guy told me you better stop because I’m going to start crying ‘I said well you might as well the rest of us are,’ but they are all excited about it. Mrs, Forker accepted for her husband who is deceased. She had a hard time I thought I was going to have to hold her at the podium even with her hands on the podium, she was having a hard time thanking people, " said Johnson.

The Veteran’s Council has held this free event since 1998 and encourages the community to nominate veterans for next year.