Future City Council Members Talk Plans

by Katie McGraw on November 6, 2013 at 10:23 am

Republican candidates swept the three seats for Zanesville City Council-at-Large during Tuesday’s election.

Incumbent Ann Gildow easily won re-election last night, and is now joined by Steven Foreman and Rob Sharrer to represent the entire city. Sharrer, who lost the mayoral race two years ago by a painfully close margin, said he is excited to have been elected and has some ideas that he is looking to implement with current council members.

"Have some ideas on the crime and violence, have some ideas with the infrastructure of the city, aging water lines and that kind of thing,” said Sharrer. “And my background is sales and marketing and I have some ideas for marketing the city of Zanesville."

Steven Foreman said it was a difficult decision to run, because the members of city council were doing a good job but now that he has won, his excitement stems from having a republican majority in council.

" My message early on, was that I want to work with a group of people that can work with me and I with them, to make the changes that are needed,” explained Foreman. “I think that council has been doing a real great job, but I think there is always room for improvement and the key is to be able to work with people that you feel liked you can work with."

Foreman and Sharrer defeated democratic candidate Lance Miller and current democratic Council-at-Large member, Dj Dittmar. They will be sworn into office in January.