Local Man Battles Addiction

by Katie McGraw on November 29, 2013 at 7:09 am

"It was an easy way out of reality," said addict Jeremy Morgan.

It is the sad ending for many who battle addiction.

"You are so obsessed with getting something to maintain the high, that it destroys your life,” said Dr. Vicki Whitacre. “A lot of these people end up losing everything their marriages, their jobs, then they end up in jail."

Local inmate, Jeremy Morgan, was born and raised in the city of Zanesville and took his first drug as a young teenager. "I was 14, and now I’m 34 and all I’ve got is bad stories, bad memories, nothing good," Morgan said. Morgan started with Xanax to calm nerves and anxiety but swiftly transitioned into pain pill.

For nearly two decades, he took pills everyday plus a multitude of other drugs. Morgan estimates he spent $350,000 a year to feed his addictions. "I did pills, I smoked crack, I did pills, I smoked crack, I did pills I smoked crack, all day,” Morgan explained.

Amid law enforcement crack downs on prescription drugs, he like so many others have in the past year, picked a new poison. "The opiates are maybe getting a little bit more difficult for them to find, a little too expensive, heroin is a choice a lot of them are making," explained Zanesville Police Department Captain Tony Coury. "It was a lot easier, more intense, lasts longer, it’s just a trap door," added Morgan.

After only a few months of heroin, Morgan ended up in the Zanesville City Jail, for a sentence of 50 days. He says now that he is off the pills for the first time in a long time, he feels better than ever. He also has a word of advice for anyone especially teens, considering doing drugs or maybe has just started. "Go tell your mom, go tell you parents, or whoever is around you, let them know now,” Morgan emphasized. “Don’t get down the road because it will shut you down." Morgan was released at the end of last week and vows he will stay clean.

This is the completion of “Prescription for Addiction”. If you, a family member, friend or loved one is suffering from prescription pill or any other substance abuse, there are options to help kick the habit. There are treatment centers such as Muskingum Behavioral Health, Genesis Recovery Center and also a new clinic called Selfrefind. There are also Narcotic’s Anonymous meetings and groups for family members of those who are addicted.