Local Students Create New Santa House

by Courtney Wheaton on November 29, 2013 at 7:58 am

South Zanesville has a new home for Santa thanks to the students at Mid-East Career and Technology Center.

For more than a year and half the South Zanesville Business Association has worked with the vocational school to create a new Santa house. Last week the Senior carpentry students completed the project just before the holidays. Santa says that they did a great job and having a new home makes his job easier and more comfortable for visitors.

"It’s going to be nicer for the kids when they come in here and their grandma takes their coats off to take their picture and things like that, " said Santa.

The new building is freshly painted, heated and has its own electricity source . President of the South Zanesville Business Association, Scott Haren says that he hopes to use the building for years to come.

"We got thirty years out of the last one so we are hoping at least that long at this one. The old one actually wasn’t on wheels this one we had put on a trailer so we can hitch it back up to a truck and move it back to the storage facility without having to use a forklift, " said Haren.

The house was paid for completely through donations and fundraisers provided by the business association and costs approximately $4,000 to complete. Santa will be in town to visit with area children until the December 23rd and he encourages families to stop by and see him at the Riesbeck’s south parking lot.

Holiday Santa Hours

November 30th and December 1st 1-4 pm
December 2nd and 4th 5-8 pm
December 5th 5-7 pm
December 6th 5-8 pm
December 7th and 8 1-4 pm
December 9th 5-7 pm
December 11th and 13th 5-8 pm
December 14th and 15th 1-4 pm
December 16th,18th,19th,20th 5-8 pm
December 21st 1-4 pm
December 22nd 3-6 pm
December 23rd 1-4 pm