More Police Patrolling the Roads

by Katie McGraw on November 12, 2013 at 9:26 am

Some funding will soon be available for the Zanesville Police Department to put more officers on the road.

Captain Tony Coury said the state has provided slightly over 37 thousand dollars to ZPD, as a part of a high visibility initiative of all law enforcement. This means more police officers patrolling the roads to get people to slow down to save lives.

"They are mandated to make stops, encounters with people, it is a zero tolerance program, so we are asking that they do not write warning tickets; that they do write citations, payable citations or cite people to court," Coury said.

With more officers on the roads, participating in the zero tolerance program, more citations have been written and fatalities state wide are at its lowest.

"We haven’t had any fatalities in the month of October, September, November. We usually don’t have that many in a year in the city but overall in the county wide I think we are doing okay right now."

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are known as Holiday Blitz, where even more officers will be out patrolling. Therefore Coury suggests to be sure to not drink and drive from holiday parties.