Muskingum Co. Headstart Family Feast

by Mackenzie Stasko on November 15, 2013 at 6:26 am

Muskingum County Head Start held the two-day event for parents and pre-school children who are enrolled in the Headstart program at Coburn United Methodist Church on Friday. Headstart Executive Director Geri Johnson, says the organization has been putting on the event  for over 25 years. Parents and children were served a meal before participating in educational and wellness projects together.

"The kids perform and then we have stations set up," explained Johnson. "There’s a lot of community involvement. Rambo’s here to give vaccines, the health department, Zane State had their child development students come and help us do a station and the stations are educational."

Headstart works with children ages 3 to 5-years-old to get them ready for kindergarten.

"We work with the schools, with school readiness goals. So when they do go into kindergarten so that it will be an easy transition. Plus we look at the wellness of the family, we work with families and their social service needs."

Johnson encourages families with pre-school aged children to call the Headstart office at 740-454-6251 to see if their child is eligible for enrollment.