Over 600 Students Attend Mid-East Sophomore Experience Day

by Mackenzie Stasko on November 22, 2013 at 6:50 am

Visiting sophomores were able to explore four programs Mid-East has to offer to see what sparks their interest. Mid-East Public Information Officer Stacey Snider, says its an important experience for students to have because at Sophomore Experience Day, they get an idea of what they want to do in the future.

"Really it’s a career exploration activity so we definitely encourage them to come even if they know for a fact that they’re not coming to Mid-East," said Snider. "It’s a good opportunity for them to see what is available as far as other careers they might want to pursue later in life."

Students spent about an hour in each program participating in labs, talking with teachers and students who made the switch to Mid-East. Megan Dilts was a Tri-Valley sophomore when she decided to transfer to Mid-East and enroll in the Practical Nursing Program.

"I really had a positive experience here. The seniors and juniors were both telling me about how awesome it was and how many friends I would make and it was really a positive experience for me," Dilts said about Sophomore Experience Day.

Isaac Green was a sophomore at Sheridan High School when he attended Sophomore Experience Day two years ago.

"They do try to involve you a lot with your home school so you do get to keep a lot of your old friends and the program that your in, a lot of the people share the same interests so it’s really easy to connect with them and make good friends," said Green.

Sophomore Experience Day was held at both the Zanesville and Buffalo Campuses.