Selection has Begun for ZPD Chief

by Katie McGraw on November 13, 2013 at 6:48 am

At the end of the month, the Zanesville Police Department will say goodbye to Chief Eric Lambes after serving as chief for 13 years.

Lambes will be retiring on November 28th. The role of chief will need to be filled by a ZPD captain. The city of Zanesville is in the beginning stages of the selection process through civil service. In order to select Lambes’ successor, there are various factors, including adhering to the Zanesville’s Captain Union Contract.

"One of the clauses they had in there, was a person had to be a captain for a least two years to be able to take the test,” explained Public Safety Director, Fred Buck. “It kind of limits you, but the Ohio Revised Code only says one year, but the contract is the contract, and we abide by the contract."

There are three captains at ZPD, Doug Merry, Kenny Miller and Tony Coury. However, Coury has not been captain for at least two years and is therefore ineligible, at this time, to take the test to become chief. The City of Zanesville has set their own contracts with testing companies which will evaluate Mary and Miller.

"We get assessors for the positions of higher rank, so they can question them and put them in scenarios as to how they will react and what they will do given different situations, they are graded on that."

Mayor Jeff Tilton said if no chief has been selected by November 28th, the oldest captain will become the interim chief until the new chief is selected for up to 180 days.