Seven Charged in Perry County Drug Interdiction

by Jennifer Bullock on November 15, 2013 at 5:07 am

The Perry County Sheriff’s Office has released the names of those arrested during a county-wide drug interdiction on November 4…

Seven of the nine people arrested have been formally charged, and have appeared before the Perry County Court.
45-year-old Jeffery Davis of Glenford was charged with Aggravated Possesion of Meth… 35-year-old Randy Kress of Glenford was charged with Permitting Drug Abuse… Both 45-year-old Anthony Snider of Newark and 31-year-old David Phillips of Thornville were charged with Aggravated Possesion of Meth… 27-year-old Charity Kirkpatrick of New Lexington was charged with Possession of Heroin… And both 32-year-old Dustin Price and 35-year-old Jeremy Price, both of New Lexington, were charged with Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments.

The Sheriff’s Office said the remaining two suspects have not been formally charged, and are being held on unrelated arrest warrants/charges, while laboratory testing is completed on the drugs they possessed.