Nichole Hannahs

Sheriff Eats His Way to Victory

by Nichole Hannahs on November 20, 2013 at 1:02 am

Local officials got in the pancake eating spirit Wednesday at Sertoma Pancake Day.

The five selected had just two minutes to eat as many pancakes as possible. In the end it was Sheriff Matt Lutz who took home the pancake eating prize, eating five flapjacks.

Sheriff Lutz said there was some strategy for the event.

"I told everyone coming into this that I don’t know this was a contest I really wanted to win," Lutz joked. "I just knew that we had plastic utensils so I just used my hands and made it as quick and good as possible."

As a reward Sheriff Lutz got to pick a charity to receive $250.00. He chose the Muskingum Valley Red Cross.

"The Red Cross really does a lot of things for our community," said Lutz. "Marlene Henderson does an excellent job with that and they are always there to help people, especially coming in in the winter time with fires and different things for families."

Members of Sertoma said they plan on making the pancake eating contest an annual event. Others taking part in the event included Fire Chief Kevin Thomas, Commissioner Jim Porter and Mayor Jeff Tilton.