Starlight School’s Holiday Bazaar

by Courtney Wheaton on November 16, 2013 at 11:48 am

A local school held a special event to help pay for its annual sporting events.

The Starlight School held a Holiday Bazaar on Saturday to raise money for its Special Olympics. The money goes towards paying for awards, T-shirts and traveling for Starlight teams.

"The money helps to pay for state events," said Special Oympics Coordinator, Sandy Drenten. "We need to go to state events like swimming, track, basketball teams, basketball skills those all cost money for our county so in order for our athletes to go we raise the money so they can go and have a good time."

Crafts, Jewelry and Food were a few of the items sold at the event. Both Starlight faculty and students came together to plan this year festivities and volunteered their time during the bazaar.

"We’ve had some special olympic athletes that were actually doing some waitressing for the vendors. They would go to the vendor table and ask them if they need any food basically help plan what we would serve and things like that," said Drenten.

Drenten says that this year they have raised nearly $800 for the Special Olympics.