Storm Races East

by Katie McGraw on November 17, 2013 at 5:45 am

Tonight’s severe weather risk is a widespread, damaging wind event with gusts around 50 mph and up to 80 mph. This band of storms is very convective. There are embedded supercells and bowing. This band is going to form a strong squall line that will effect our area in the coming hours. Tornadoes are possible.

An upper level low, or a trough, is strengthening and is being helped to grow by a strong jet streak. There is also, a deep service low pressure that will begin its move today and tonight north towards Lake Superior. Associated with this low, and our real concern, is a cold front that will swing through this evening.

Our entire viewing area has been issued a tornado watch and a wind advisory by the National Weather Service.


The entire viewing area has been placed under a tornado watch by The National Weather Center until midnight tonight. Conditions are favorable for tornado activity and wind gusts up to 80 mph- Very Damaging Winds.

If there is a warning issued, it means a tornado is imminent. Whether a tornado has been spotted on the ground or there is a funnel cloud. If a warning is issued- seek shelter immediately.

Tornadoes have touched the ground to our west and this line of storms is particularly convective. I would rather be safe than sorry and have you practice the same. Expect the worst.

The line of storms is picking up the pace. Pushing east at 60 mph. Currently it is impacting NW Ohio. Tornado Warnings are being issued there.


This is in effect for the entire viewing area from 10 PM tonight to 7 AM Monday Morning. Winds will be from the west 20 to 25 MPH and strong gusts of wind at least at 50 mph.

Winds of this magnitude can damage homes, power lines and take down tree limbs. It also means that driving can be difficult. Remember, underpasses are NOT a place for you to seek shelter. It becomes a wind tunnel. If you are driving, and have to go under a bridge or underpass, use extra caution. This also applies to large vehicles. Be Safe!